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The Economic Forecast For 2022 In Las Vegas Is Promising

The Economic Forecast For 2022 In Las Vegas Is Promising

During Preview Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium, optimism was strong that 2022 will be a good year for the local economy.

Preview Each year, the Vegas Chamber hosts its hallmark event in Las Vegas to bring together local economic experts, industry leaders, and business owners to forecast the economy’s and business climate’s trajectory.

“This is the first and only one-of-a-kind corporate event to be conducted on the field at Allegiant Stadium,” said Mary Beth Sewald, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. “We’re on a roll right now.” “2022 appears to be a fantastic year for economic growth and diversification,” Sewald concluded. “Conventions will rebound in strength, and international tourism will rebound as well.” All of that bodes well for a robust economy and a wonderful prognosis for 2022, even for the smallest of our enterprises here in Southern Nevada.”

Preview Las Vegas, according to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, provides essential information to the business community as well as leaders in Carson City.

“It’s a measure of how businesses are feeling and moving forward,” Sisolak explained. “It’s great to see so many people here today because we have a bright future ahead of us.”

While Sisolak sees reason for optimism in 2022, he also recognizes that businesses are facing challenges in the current economy.

“Right now, the most pressing issue confronting small enterprises is one of employment. They simply cannot find enough employees to hire. This is something I hear on a daily basis.”

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s senior vice president of communications, Lori Nelson-Kraft, says Preview Las Vegas is an opportunity to tell local business owners about the LVCVA’s efforts to enhance tourism, which is the major engine of our economy.

“It puts some skin in the game for the entire business community to see what we can do collaboratively to propel our economy and city forward,” Nelson-Kraft said. “Seeing all of us assembled here at Preview gives me enormous hope.”

Hearing presentations on the local economic situation and meeting colleagues in the business community is beneficial to business owners.

“This particular event is our customer,” said Mark Prows, chief operating officer of ChargerGoGo, a company that rents fully charged batteries to mobile device users in a similar way to Redbox. “It’s the business customer who enables us to communicate ‘b-to-b,’ or business to business, and then they can speak ‘b-to-c,’ or business to customer,” Prows explained. “This is practically a must-attend event for us.”

Preview Las Vegas exceeded Matthew Delaney’s expectations, according to the CEO of Delaney Universal, which owns Old School Tees.

Delaney described the event as “mind-blowing.” “I’m from Portland, Boise, and San Francisco,” she says. This is the first time we’ve ever seen anything like it.”

“I’ve been watching these instructional programs and they’re beyond what I imagined,” Delaney continued. It really does provide me a micro and macro view that makes me feel at ease.”

“I’m quite reassured,” Delaney said passionately when asked how Preview Las Vegas makes him feel about the future year as a businessman.